Rose*Parade*Gallery is ready to revolutionize the retail the experience and bring new life to the lifestyle of street luxury culture. We at RPG are here to give you the best; its just not about the product but the quality of life with the product. Getting to know our clients and keeping them well inform to what is coming to the market and staying ahead of the curve. The créme de la créme from the fashion house's new collection that just came off the runway, to up and coming new talent and the classic vintage items that help build up the fashion industry that's what it is today.

The aim of the PRSVR’s Subterfuge collection was to place unfinished matte camouflage leather on otherwise unlikely items. Briefcases, driving gloves and hard bottom slippers underwent this transformation. By using camouflage this collection is attempting to evade the rules of formal interaction.

The collection will become available September 25th.

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